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Essential Oil Soap Moisturizing Bath Bomb Ball

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The bath bomb can produce rich foam, add much fun and pleasure to your bathing. It has an effect on exfoliating, removing dead skin, refining pores, relaxing and moisturizing, etc. Cute bath balls will give your body an enjoyable spa. Able to make skin smoother, more delicate and moisturized for a long time. Softens the cuticle when bathing, make your skin tender.
  • Give yourself more fun: The unique floating formula of this product allows the effervescent ball to spin, awaken your senses and make the bath more comfortable.
  • Rich and Rich Bubbles: Each colorful bath ball releases bubbles that sparkle on the water.
  • Skincare with essential oils: impregnated with essential oils, the skin retains moisture and relaxes after use; all these essential oils give off a lasting aroma.
  • Excellent gift: suitable for Christmas, Easter, a birthday, a party or any time of the year; for lovers of the bathroom.
  • Safety and health: 100% natural and organic, these balls are free of toxic chemicals and additives; all these bath balls are healthy for children, easy to rinse and do not contaminate the skin or the surface of the bath.